The world’s best sustainable running shoe just got even better.

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ZR 01


Our award winning, plant-based running shoe. Built to perform, mindblowingly comfortable & ready for anything.

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  • ZR S | Evening Blue
  • ZR S | Snow White
  • ZR S | Running Shoes | Black Beauty



Where speed meets comfort - Turn heads in our fast and responsive plant-based running shoe with added support and structure.

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Our product materials

We’re on a journey to explore how being better day-by-day can start to change the world. Here are some of the plant-based materials that we use to build our products.

Eucalyptus leaves


Eucalyptus trees are amazing, they create a clean closed-loop process and provide the fibers for our amazing mesh, using 95% less water than traditional cotton and a carbon footprint 33% lower than virgin nylon.


Our fully renewable EVA foam comes from sugar cane - irrigated with rainwater and removing carbon from the atmosphere during growth, which makes this our soft and bouncy superhero.

Castor beans

Castor bean oil helps us increase the natural content in our insoles and offers a comfortable alternative to the synthetic materials normally used.

Natural rubber

Our FSC Certified natural rubber ensures sustainable sourcing at every step of the supply chain, protecting deforestation and upholding biodiversity.

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MFGD Crew Socks

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Our global running community

Stories from our friends around the world.

Doctors Of Running
As far as sustainable, quality footwear goes, Zen Running should be at the top of your list in terms of a shoe that delivers both modern performance with an eco-friendly design that's several years ahead of the game in that department.
Up until now, finding sustainable running shoes meant making a compromise on performance, style, and price. But the new Zen Running Club ZR 01 is engineered to be light, fast, and responsive, with a stacked rocker midsole that helps propel you forward as you run.
This Plant-Based Shoe Made Me Fall in Love With Running Again… From the moment I laced them up for the first time, I was stunned by how comfortable Zen Running Club's ZR 01 shoes were.
The brand was founded in Amsterdam in 2020 with the goal of creating a truly sustainable running shoe entirely of natural materials. The resulting product, which is one of the few vegan-approved sports shoes on the market, is suitable for novices and experienced runners alike.

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