Developing a mission

It's fair to say Andy Farnworth knows a thing or two about running. A former elite athlete who, just this last month, managed both a three day mountain adventure and a pretty quick half marathon…even though he'll tell you his running is all about relaxation and fun these days…

Combining this lifelong passion for running with an expertise in creating performance footwear, Andy is both a co-founder of Zen Running Club and the developer of our debut ZR 01 running shoe.

The brief for the ZR 01 was to engineer a superlative running shoe… from plant based materials. Performance and sustainability without compromise.

After a long and exacting process – exploring and pushing the boundaries of plant based materials, tweaking and testing the running performance to the highest levels and beyond – we are amazed with what Andy and the team have created. We hope you feel the same.

This is just the beginning.