Just get up and get out

As we gaze out of the window wondering if we should go for a run or not today (yes, don’t worry we are all the same), we’ve realised that the hardest part is getting ourselves out of the door. Once we’re out, the rest takes care of itself.

These are our top 5 tips to make sure you lace up your shoes and get out for as much fresh air as you can handle.

Plan your way out

Put your clothes out the night before and put your shoes by the door – you’re already halfway there.

Negotiate with yourself

Instead of focussing on the total distance you need to run, tell yourself you’re heading out for as long as you enjoy it – chances are you’ll do the whole thing anyway.


A single-minded focus certainly helps if you’re training to be world champion – but if you can’t imagine going outside in the rainstorm, have a cheat workout or a plan B that gets you moving in another way instead.

Get social

Take a friend or join a club. Other people create accountability, and you’re more likely to get going if someone is waiting for you.

Stop overthinking

Plan to get up and get out, if you sit down for a coffee then it’s harder to get back up and get going – don’t think, just go!

Good luck, let us know how you get on!