We’re here to inspire the world to go running

We’re here to inspire the world to go running

Happy, with friends and in the world’s best bio-based running shoes.

Let’s face it – running’s become boring – the pursuit of personal bests has overtaken the awesomeness of being out in nature, the happiness of a clear mind and conversations with friends – we’re here to change that.

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By fusing sports science with materials science we’re doing things differently. We’re exploring how forward thinking and cutting-edge materials can take us to new places – an exciting voyage of discovery and pioneering new ways to create product.

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Currently the athletic footwear and apparel industries are reliant on fossil fuel derived materials, and if footwear were a country it would be the 17th largest polluter on the planet.

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Our product is proof that materials science gives us opportunities to do things better – without excuses or compromises. Testers called our shoes “years ahead of our competition” and we’re on a mission to prove that plant-powered innovation can take us to exciting places.

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Our product materials

We’re on a mission to prove that by being better day-by-day we can start to change the world. Here are the plant-based materials that we use to build our products.

Eucalyptus leaves


Eucalyptus trees are amazing, they create a clean closed-loop process and provide the fibers for our amazing mesh, using 95% less water than traditional cotton and a carbon footprint 33% lower than virgin nylon.


Our fully renewable EVA foam comes from sugar cane - irrigated with rainwater and removing carbon from the atmosphere during growth, which makes this our soft and bouncy superhero.

Castor beans

Castor bean oil helps us increase the natural content in our insoles and offers a comfortable alternative to the synthetic materials normally used.

Natural rubber

Our FSC Certified natural rubber ensures sustainable sourcing at every step of the supply chain, protecting deforestation and upholding biodiversity.

Plant-powered innovation

We’ve been told that our shoes are more comfortable, better looking and perform just like the running shoes that you’re thinking about buying – they’re just much cooler and built using plant-based materials.

How it all started...

The challenge of creating something that didn't exist is what brought our founders together – driven by a vision of great looking and sustainable product that didn’t have to be a compromise.


Our founders met in the sleepy village of Herzogenaurach in southern Germany in the early 2000s. After two decades of creating groundbreaking product around the world for major athletic brands, they had a “what if” moment – a vision to create a new brand inspired by past innovators and the changing needs of modern runners. Innovation, cutting edge sustainability and a place for a community to come together were all priorities.

This is all about running, friends and a vision for the future.

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